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Best and Worst Shingle Brands

Updated: May 19, 2023

Top 3 best shingle brands

Best and Worst Shingle Brands

1) Atlas

Atlas Shingle Corporation is the highest rated shingle company in our opinion. First off the shingles have a wider nailing zone than any shingle on the market cutting down on improper installation. The shingles themselves are wider and have a wider reveal than other brands cutting down on installation time. They also have teamed up with 3M and a well known contractor Mike Holmes. 3M partnered with Atlas Shingle Corp to incorporate their Scotchgard protection to help with color fading overtime. 3M also provides them with copper to put in the core of their granules that are on the shingle to keep algae off the roof. (Metals are known to kill algae) No more ugly algae stained roof!! We recommend using Atlas Pinnacle Pristine and above. Atlas has multiple lines of shingles you can find here.

2) Certainteed.

Certainteed is also a top brand of shingle that we recommend. The shingle itself has a great nail zone and also has copper granules within the shingle to fight algae. The shingle is very similar to Atlas in regards to performance. What we like about Certainteed is their shingle color patterns and different types of shingles to choose from. We recommend using Certainteed Landmark and above. Certainteed has multiple lines of shingles you can find here.

3) Owens Corning

Owens corning is a quality shingle. One of the best traits about Owens corning is their sure nail strip which is engineered fabric that overlays the common bond of the shingle layers, offering outstanding fastener holding power which is great for wind prone areas. Owens Corning does not tend to hold up as well as Atlas in hail prone or hotter areas. The sure-nail strip is also not directly in line with the nail zone so over time the bond can break and the bottom shingle can fall out. We do not recommend using Owens Corning Oakridge shingles as the nail zone is too thin for most installers to install correctly. We recommend using Owens Corning Duration and above. Owens Corning has multiple lines of shingles you can find here.

Top 3 worst shingle brands

These shingles are normally chosen for the lower cost of the shingle in order for the contractor to profit more money. When choosing a contractor if they are using any of these products do some research about the product itself to make sure this is a shingle you want on your roof.

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