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How can wind damage my roof?

While most thunderstorms accompany rain, hail, and wind, wind damage can happen to your roof even without other accompanying weather events! This makes wind damage one of the most common forms of roof damage, especially in Louisiana where we are right by the coast! What Causes Wind Damage? Wind really doesn’t have to be that strong to cause roof damage. Even slower gusts of wind can easily raise the shingles or metal panels off of your home in a second, exposing your roof to possible rain & water damage. Not all damage is visible to the naked eye, but all damage will result in leaks and further damage if left unrepaired. How Does Wind Damage A Roof? Wind damages a roof by physically pulling roofing materials, such as shingles or metal panels, off of your roof. Wind damage can also occur by blowing debris, like tree branches, onto your roof, causing shingles and other roofing materials to be ripped off. Where Does Wind Damage Occur? Wind damage can happen on any part of your roof but the most common place we see the damage is at the edge of the roofing system. Anywhere material is even a little bit loose, the suction of the wind can lift it up and rip it off. Once the underside of the roofing is exposed, not only can rain get in, but it also gives the wind more to grab on to.

Does insurance pay for wind damage? When your home is damaged – inside or out – the damage is typically covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy! It’s important to call Hibbard Roofing immediately following a storm to do a free inspection, as most policies will want to see proactive action taken by homeowners, and most claims need to be filed within 12 months.

Are you unsure of how to handle insurance claims? Are you overwhelmed by trying to navigate your adjustment? We will handle your claim for FREE – and work hand in hand with your insurance companies’ negotiated price – GUARANTEED! Here are just a few ways that Hibbard Roofing handles insurance claims:

  • Free claims management and assistance for wind, and hail damaged roofs

  • Guaranteed roof replacement for the insurance company negotiated price

  • Complimentary roof analysis prior to filing a claim

Your insurance claim should be a well-handled and worry-free process. When working with Hibbard Roofing, we guarantee that your roof will be installed with your only out of pocket expense being your deductible, the BEST roofing team in Lafayette Louisiana will not only replace your roof but work with your insurance company directly too! Give us a call today at (337) 366-0814 or leave your info here to get a complimentary roof inspection.

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