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Roofing Companies Near Lafayette, Louisiana

Why use Hibbard Roofing as your next Metal Roof or shingle roof installer?

Hey guys, this is Baret Hibbard the owner of Hibbard Roofing. I know sometimes it’s hard to trust companies now a days so I wanted to make a post on our blog outlining reasons to use us. To make it short and sweet I’ll name 10 reasons to use us for your family and friends roof jobs.

1)We offer roof replacement financing.

2) We will work with your insurance company to pay for your roof.

3)We are an award winning roofing company. 2021 BBB of Acadiana Integrity Award Winner

4) Our roofing crews only work for us. In Acadiana, roofing companies normally all use the same subcontractors. Not us! We have in house guys.

5) We are the highest rated roofing company in Lafayette.

6) Every person that works for us is a great person. We make it a point to not hire people that are a professional in our field. We hire great people and teach them.

7) We will not just give you a roofing estimate and just leave you in the dust. We actually only take on a certain number of people and fight their insurance company tooth and nail.

8) If we mess up we actually admit it and fix it. We have a no excuse mentality. We tell our guys it’s ok to mess up. Just fix it and don’t make excuses.

9) We are local to Lafayette, Louisiana, buy all of our roofing materials in Lafayette, all of our crews, storm restoration specialist, managers, supervisors, and owner all live in Lafayette, Louisiana.

10) We will cater to your needs and actually care about your roof project. Some people have a lot of plants that they don’t want messed up, some people have a lot of questions that are needed to be answered, some people have elderly people living in the house that they need more notice and to be treated differently than if it was a young couple. We know each and every customer may have different needs. We will work with your needs to make you a satisfied customer!

To contact us call us at (337)366-0814 or leave your info here and we will get back with you.


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